There is no shorter connection between two interests than personal dialogue. And also no faster way to find solutions. In this sense "Let's talk!" is the first step to a better world.

Even nowadays, when everyone communicates with everyone and everything with everything, dialogue remains the basis of human relationships and thus the mother of all communication forms. Celebrating this mother with an interactive installation is the idea behind the "Talking Tubes"

Two tubes exchange thoughts, sense and nonsense alternate and outward appearances are left out. The spoken word counts!

The "Talking Tubes" remain incomplete and always in motion: The "Talking" with always new performers and new dialogues. The "Tubes" with further surprising constructions.

The "Talking Tubes" presented at the ZKM are the first of all: With dialogues about talking and silence - spoken by Jan Josef Liefers and Anna Loos.

Interactive acoustic installation made of metal, industrial waste and old fire hoses, 7 m wide, 2.50 m high, 420 kg heavy, kindly supported by: GMH Gruppe, TOR Möbel Berlin, Perky Park Music, White Horse Music, Altes Klärwerk Krefeld

Curious? Here’s a dialogue sample!